Services & Products

Plastic Technology Expertise – Finest solution for your ideas

Great product & creative ideas require the right solution. With our decades of professional knowledge, know-how in plastic injection technology and later in IML (in-mold-labeling) and heat transfer labels, can help you through the technical process that would meet your specific requirement and your creative ideas.

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Plastic injection and molding Solution

As your creativity still lead you to the new form and delicate design, we works side-by-side with clients to help them find the best way to realize their design and meet their business requirement or technical requirement with cost-effectiveness.

  • Technical plastic consultant service
  • CAD/CAM translation
  • CNC plastic injection
  • Plastic Injection
  • Screening, Pad Print and Heat Transfer
  • Assembling Service

IML and Heat Transfer Label Solution

Seamless fusion between labels and Packaging is the basic requirement. Beyond that, we consider the fine quality of printing and its application. To make sure we deliver the best solution for such context without compromising original design.

  • Packaging and Labeling consultancy
  • IML In-Mold-Labeling solution. Label for plastic injection and blow-mold packaging on PP/PE
  • Heat Transfer Label for plastic injection products on PP/PE/ABS/PS in variety shapes
  • Finished Heat Transfer label and In-mold label(our own designs) for sales

Flexible Packaging

Our expertise also cover the following area of service…

  • PE, PP, Pet, Nylon, Matalised Bags
  • Retort Bags
  • Aluminium Foil Bags
  • Sealed machine : 3 side sealed, center sealed and stand pouch
  • Sheet Printing & Lamination, Multi Layers Flexible

Heat Transfer Machine and accessories

One-stop service is one of our achievements. We import and provide all necessary equipments to fulfil our customers’ needs. Our products are including…..

  • Heat Transfer Machine – Consultant & Accessories Provider
  • Static Charger – Technical Consultant & Accessories Provider (for IML application)
  • Robot for Blow-Mold packaging – Consultant & Accessories Provider
  • Heat Transfer service – Heat Transfer Production Service in order to serve a new customer