In-Mold Labeling (IML)


GD IML Solution. – From our years of experience in both plastic injection&molding and plastic packaging/labeling, our know-how in the field makes us a competent partner of the industry. In design, we offer our advice based on our experience and the technical requirement to refine the best solution. Also we provide robot for blow-mold packaging and consultancy service.

In-Mould Labelling is a highly advanced decoration process for plastics, in which the prefabricated plastic label is positioned directly into the mould by a special handling robot. The label may be printed on the reel or sheet and then die-cut to suit the product and stacked. The result is a decorated end product completed in a single process – with no need for subsequent labelling or printing.


  • The prefabricated plastic label is deposited in the robot by a special handling device.
  • The label is precisely positioned in the mould electrostatically or by applying vacuum, just before the injection process.
  • The product and its decoration are completed in a single process. There is a total bond between the label and the product.

Benefits of IML

  • High quality for the photorealistic reproduction of high-resolution images, small type size, barcodes
  • High resistance to scratching, humidity, heat, cooling, deep freezing, and microwaving.
  • Good hygiene characteristics of product, solvent-free colours, chemically pure film with optimum barrier properties.
  • IML is the only technology that makes fully automated production possible. One substance packaging ideal for post consumer recycling
iml-content-img01See IML sample

Remark : Some images are only presenting IML & Heat transfer application already in the market not for commercial purpose.